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The platform Developers
were looking for

Revolutionize your development experience with our event-driven, future-proof e-commerce platform — Seamlessly connect and innovate with modern microservices, no new languages, no new frameworks. The open SaaS as it should be.

Easy to Use

Microservices Architecture

Develop, deploy, and scale modular components effortlessly, without the need for new languages or frameworks. Focus on your expertise while harnessing the potential of modern microservices.

Focus on What Matters

Event-Driven, Real-Time innovation

Seamlessly integrate and create responsive applications. Leverage asynchronous communication, build event-driven workflows, and deliver exceptional user experiences with ease.

Powered by React

Experience enterprise-grade reliability and flexibility

Built for mid-market enterprises, our platform ensures scalability, security, and adaptability. Utilize developer-friendly tools and a robust infrastructure tailored to meet your project’s needs.